Junior Instruction

Kids 3-18, but I have to admit we've started a couple of 2 year old kids.  I'm not kidding about raising champions.  We've had number 1 ranked kids in age groups from 5-12 and teens ranked in the top 25 in the world rankings.  We know what it takes to achieve at a high level.

When you bring your child to us we feel it's our obligation to help make them the best citizens we can. Golf is a game of honor, honesty, trust, reliability, friendship, sportsmanship, and much more, and instilling that in the youth we teach is part of the job.  You're their parents, but we strive to be good role models and friends.

We offer Clinics, High School Prep, Advanced Tournament Prep, Summer Camps, Private Lessons.

GBGC mini golf teaches junior golfers course management

Junior Clinics

This is an intro to golf program held on Sunday afternoons at 2PM.  If you want to see what your childs interest in golf is this will do the trick.  $20 per child.  Best for kids 4-10 years of age.

Junior League Golf

Here we introduce young players to competition in a fun scramble format.  Students meet weekly at The Golf Center for instruction in a group environment preparing them for the skills necessary to play the game. Program runs March 30th - May 17th.  We will have two practice rounds and six tournament rounds @ Stewart Peninsula Golf Course in The Colony where our staff will coach the team.  Cost of the program is $375 and we welcome kids 6-12 years of age.  Call the golf center for information on how to register.

High School Prep / Advanced Tournament Prep (College Prep)

This is a more intense group environment for those who wish to compete.  High School Prep (HSP) focuses on short game and full swing fundamentals as well as athletic development.  Ability levels can vary wildly at the 10-13 age range, so we will focus individually on players needs.

Advanced Tournament Prep (ATP) focuses on developing a sophisticated short game, better routines, how to practice, and more. The ATP players are expected to be working on their full swings with an instructor in a private setting. 14-17 year old players should be self motivated and ready to work.

Both of these programs are limited to 12 participants and are $150 / month


Summer Camps

Our version of the week long summer staple.  Beginners to intermediate players from 5-15 years old will enjoy this 1/2 day from 8:30AM - 12PM, Monday thru Thursday program.  We'll keep the kids moving, working on full swing, short game, putting, etiquette, and athleticism.  Price is $169 per child, 10% discount for multiple children.
Summer Camp Dates: June 17-20, July 8-11, 22-25, August 5-8

Private Lessons
We teach kids all the time and having been kids in golf ourselves, and been fortunate to have some great mentors we want to give back.  We offer our kids 18 and under a 25% discount on private lessons.  We know how expensive junior athletics have become and we want to help you out.