Fitting & Technology

I'll ask again, "Why haven't you been fitted for your golf equipment?"  We apologize to the 20% of you that have, but we know that 80% of golfers haven't been fitted.  You do the research online, you hit the clubs and you ask about shafts and lofts and grips, but a dynamic fit makes all the difference.

Through our affiliate Fit2Score we are a Top 100 Club fitting facility. We use a Flightscope Launch monitor, heads from Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, and Cobra, a large array of shafts and we will even change grip size on fitting clubs to make sure we get you into the best clubs possible for you.

We have 6 manufactures fitting carts and even some aftermarket shafts to assure we've covered all the bases. These shafts have all been reviewed by where you can learn the truth about golf club shafts and why you just might want an aftermarket shaft in your clubs.

Fittings are $100 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour.  Fitting length varies, and depends on how many segments of your set you wish to be fit for.

Set up an appointment to have a green grass fitting experience.

FlightScope X2

Need help assessing a current club, or are you wanting some new clubs? Need to learn to control your distances, or find out what your gaps are between each club? This launch monitor can do all that and more. There is even a new skills challenge application to allow us to train on very specific shots.

We use it for fittings and lessons, but we're careful to make sure you get what you need and don't get caught up in all the numbers.


header-3dInteractive Frontiers V1 Pro Video Analysis Software,

This company was around in the beginning of video analysis, and we own the third software license they sold, along with two others! I've personally seen the transition from a huge kiosk looking package to using the software on my iphone and ipad.

We use two indoor bays and a combination of phones and cameras to shoot and show you your swing and your progress. We will even send these videos to you so what you learn isn't lost with that first night's sleep.

Boditrak Pressure Mat is here!!!

How you interact with the ground determines much of your potential in golf.  If you move efficiently on your feet it will show in your golf balls results.  BodiTrak allows us to show you how you move and when.  Both how and when are important.  You will notice a difference when you apply what you learn.

K-Vest Bio Feedback with Swing Assessment


K-vest is a bio feedback system which allows you in real time to see changes in your golf posture and swing.  It's not for everyone, but I can assure you everyone has a piece of their swing which K-vest would be the best training aid for.